Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ontology: Significant Objects

Significant objects are one type of existent. There are two types of significant objects:
  • Plot-Signficant: A plot-significant object has a substantial impact on the story’s plot.
  • Character-Significant: A character-significant object has some sort of significance to a particular character but does not have a significant impact on the story’s plot.

The properties of a significant object are:
  • Physical Characteristics: The physical characteristics of the significant object describe its size, weight, appearance, and other physical aspects.
  • Value: The significant object has valueto the characters in the story. This value may be:
    • Intrinsic – it is worth money (e.g. a treasure, money, etc.)
    • Source of power – it gives the person who possesses it magical, political, or some other form of power
    • Symbolic – it has spiritual, emotional, sentimental, or similar symbolic value
  • Integral to the Plot: The significant object is integral to the plot; without it the story would change significantly.
Concept map of elements of significant objects


    1. Excellent post synthesis. Please to post, to quote this in an article or To ascribe to author content, and concept map, credits? copyrighted? with that date? Thanks

      1. The concept map was created by me (Peter von Stackelberg). It was originally developed as part of my thesis. You can download a copy from my new blogsite at It is copyrighted but may be used with attribution. It was originally published in my these in December, 2011.